Monday, 28 April 2014

BNSF Eastbound Manifest

Here's a few shots of a BNSF manifest - BNSFWSESM5009. Note the Blue Gondola 2nd back from the engines in the first photo. This was delivered to the Union Pacific interchange in Portland by the Mud Bay & Southern (Jim Younkins Layout). The UP switched the gon to the BNSF to expedite the shipment of scrap steel to a shipper in Minneapolis St Paul.

BNSF manifest arrives in Boardman from Portland. It has some switching duties here in Boardman before heading East towards Walulla

BNSFWSESM5009 has arrived in the hold track in Yardley yard

BNSFWSESM5009 coming off the Trent ave main.The train is held by a Red signal before entering the mainline to its eastbound destination

The manifest has a green and has entered the main from Trent avenue

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