Friday, 25 August 2017

10 Anniversary Ops session

Well there has been a significant amount of work going on in the Railroad Rooms in the last 4 months. I have finally bit the bullet and decided to make a move on the next expansion phase of the Joint Division.

However before I get carried away telling you all about the next phase of the layout, I would like to mention that I recently held the 10th Anniversary operation session of the current UPBNSF Joint Division. This was marked by the attendance of 20 plus people (the most that have attended an ops session) and we had a great time. I must admit that I didn't realise it was the tenth anniversary of the layout until a couple of days before the ops session so it ended up being a pleasing outcome to have had so many operators at the session.

I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution to the layout "PROJECT" getting to where it is today. There are far to many to name here but a couple of guys should rate a special mention for their ongoing help and support in the last couple of years. This is the Bi weekly Friday (BWF) club. Namely Trev 2 and Steve Ord who offer their time and services regularly to help with the working bees I hold every second Friday.

So back to the ops session. Please click on the link below and you will get to see the 10th anniversary Ops session DVD. This is a combination of stills and dvd clips of the action. ENJOY:

75% of the gang that turned up for the ops.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017 Update

Wow how time goes by. I've just looked at my blog site and realised that I haven't done a blog for over twelve months.... A long time in hiatus I tell you.
Well I haven't really been in hiatus, I just haven't updated my blog, that's all.

Whats been happening in the last 12 months?

  • A 6 week trip to the USA, catching up with old friends and meeting and making new friends. 6 weeks of prototype and model railroading. 
  • Another mining project to manage, this time in Western New South Wales
  • Another year older and a couple more kilos around the waist line
  • Not any wiser
To write about all of the above items that have gone on in my life would take a significant amount of time. So best I just start from the current status and move forward.

Last weekend I attended my very first local chapter of the NMRA, meeting. I had a great time meeting some new people that share this wonderful hobby. I even gave a presentation on building Fast Track turnouts that was greeted quiet well by the group. More importantly i met some new people that I would like to have involved in my Model railroad social group. 

Lets get onto my Model railroading and Operations. I held an ops session on the 4th March. there were 15 people in attendance and it was a great night. Unfortunately i didn't take any photos during the session so I really don't have anything to post with regards to e to say i think everybody had a good time. 

To make up for the lack of photos from the ops night I've attached some current status layout photos! I was going to add a clip but I shot 12 min of footage today and its too big  a file for the blog site. I'll add it to my You tube site to which I haven't updated in about 4 years...maybe more. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

February 2016 Operations Session

The February Operations session on the layout was held on Saturday 27/2/16. The session was an afternoon session and the timing was prompted by the fact the I was hosting 3 people from Gladstone some 7 hrs drive away and we had to meet some appropriate timelines for there travel. 

Nev, Brad and Anthony Left Gladstone at 4am in the morning and drove  to Brisbane, arriving at my place at around 11:30am. We started with a meet and greet and then an overview of the layout as these guys had not been here before. I believe this was the first operations session for the guys and I wanted to present an entertaining and educational session. 

Not all of my usual operations team were available this weekend so we got proceedings underway at about 12:15pm. I followed the tried and true method of partying a new operator up with one of the experienced guys. This usually works great and on Saturday there was no exception to the norm.

In attendance was: Tony Weber, Martyn Jenkins, Roger Henry, Steve Ord, Trev Phillips, Neville Ward, Brad Huston, Anthony Sopaios, Jeff Grenfell, Chelsea Grenfell, Wayne Meier, your truly.

Before everybody arrived I took the opportunity to take some starting photos (8) of the layout which shows the different areas of the layout. These were done following the layout from West to East.

Portland staging

Snake River Canyon
Spokane overview
Yardley Yard
Lakes and Empire
The ops session ran from 12:15 pm until about 4:45 pm, when we called it quits to have a well earned BBQ sausage sizzle and a debrief on proceedings. All reports are that the guys from Gladstone had a great time and it would seem want to travel a bit more and participate in a few more sessions going forward. 

The only drawback on the day was the heat. Lessons learnt - I need to hold these day time sessions in winter and night time sessions in summer. 

Below are photos taken during the session.

6 Photos - Nev and Roger switching industries in Boardman, OR

2 Photos - Anthony in control of the HOTSHOT Reefer train heading to its destination in Boardman

5 Photos - An autorack train. This is headed by a visiting loco from the Allegheny Midland Railroad. 

Malcolm and Tony supervise a train in Palouse Canyon
Switching action in Wallula

An Eastbound MT coal heading for Canada to get more export coal
Hey it looks like these guys are having a hoot
3 photos - More switching action in Wallula

4 photos - Some action in and around Spokane

6 photos - Another Manifest about to follow the Snake River to Joso Trestle

3 Photos - Jeff is watching Chelsea drive the train through Snake river canyon. It was awesome to see Chelsea's smiling face as she negotiates the Joso Trestle that had a slow zone due to heat affected track.

Trev is testing which switch operates which turnout!!!!

Half the crew 
Brad and Steve are contemplating there next move in Yardley Yard Spokane
East Staging - The end of the line
So as an end to the blog. I would like to thank the guys from Gladstone who traveled so far to check out my layout and participate in an operations session. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me!!!!!!