Sunday, 30 March 2014

Operation session for 29/03/2014

I held an operations session on Saturday night, 29th March. 16 Freight trains and several local switchers were run. Many thanks to all those who participated. Here are some photos from the ops night.

I used JMRI switchlists for the Local switchers. These worked OK, however I didn't get enough time to pre-set the railroad and some cars were out of place. The guys handled this in there stride.

Josh Clark, a junior is becoming an integral part of the operations team. It is very pleasing having a young lad involved in the hobby.

Thanks to those of you who participated!!!!

Tony And Josh are switching out a manifest train at Boardman, OR. 

Tony (acting Brakeman) is trying to identify the cars that need picking up whilst josh is the engineer.

Laurie is performing local switching duties on at Cheney, WA

Steve, is running an engine to Trent Ave to pick up a block of cars at Purina Chow plant. These are destined for Points south

Steve has grabbed a UP Engine from the engine service facility and is heading, "Light" to Trent Ave

East staging

An overview of Cheney. Cheney as a significant revenue provider for the RR's that service the industries. In the background is the Younkins Brewery. A provider of my favorite beers!

Merv is operating a through freight as it passes Boardman heading West

A BNSF Reefer is heading down grade west of Cheney. This won't belong before it enters Palous Canyon

Josh is at the helm of a BNSF Eastbound manifest. He is crossing Joso trestle a landmark on the layout.


The BNSF Manifest is pulling hard up the ruling grade on the UP / BNSF Joint line

Merv is in the hole, waiting for the BNSF Manifest to arrive on the main at cheney. Merv will then depart Cheney for Portland with a load of Limestone from the Cement west palnt

The BNSF manifest is all but entering Cheney territory

Josh the lead engineer on the BNSF manifest is at full track speed as he passes the UP limestone train (Full) in the passing siding at cheney

Tony is determining what requires switching

All the local switching at Cheney has been completed

A BNSF Eastbound loaded reefer train is leaving the Cherry plant at Boardman. It is currently holding on the siding whilst a UP Potash train heading back to Canada overtakes it.

The UP Potash empty going past "Lower Door"

Merv and Tony checking out the turnout locations in Walulla

Merv is in charge of switching duties in Walulla

A "Light" consist of engines heading westbound through Walulla

Josh is checking out what Merv is doing!

At the end of the session and everybody has gone, I took some overview photos. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

UP Coal empty passing through Boardman OR

I lucked it in today. I caught a UP Empty coal drag passing through Boardman Oregon. UPCE2012 is headed back to the Wyoming coal fields. It has just left the Boardman coal plant via a branch line. 

On the head end were two UP and one CP 44-9's. They look like they have done some hard work in recent times!!!

With camera in hand I decided to follow the train for a bit and get some snaps!

UPCE2012, hits the main in Boardman OR. Here it is passing the Boardman yard which has a UP switcher, switching freight cars for the local industries.

I've managed to climb a foot bridge and get this shot of the head end. There is a BNSF reefer train being loaded with cold food products for Distribution to the east coast
What a great vantage point. I managed to get this snap of UPCE2012 as it builds track speed

And one more before it exits Boardman!!!

I decided to follow the train for about 100kms. Catching some shots of it passing through Wallula OR, as it starts heading nth (RR East) via the Old Washey Line to Spokane.

The UP CE2012 has just gone under US route 12 overpass on the outskirts of Walulla

These bad boys are working hard!

UPCE2012 is on the main passing Wallula Yard in the foreground and the Interstate intermodal facility in the back ground. An intermodal westbound has jusr arrived at the intermodal yard and will be switched out over the next hour.

 Ok, Its time to head back from my dream world. 

I was having a bit of fun with the camera today. Trying to get my skills honed. Still a lot of work to do!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Walla Walla River crossing part 2

Progress on the Walla Walla River crossing;
Here I've scalloped out the Bridge embankment

Looking Nth

Looking sth

Here I'm fitting the styrofoam scenery foundation. I mark it so that I can cut out the waste styrofoam for a neater fit

Showing the foam that has been cut to fit the location


Now I'm fitting more styrofoam to build up the area for final shaping

Both sides are done now. I will leave the glue to dry before I do the final shaping

Monday, 17 March 2014

A RR bridge across the Walla Walla River

Had some time this afternoon to do a little preliminary scenery work. The photos below show a small area that I wanted to insert a RR bridge across the Walla Walla River. I marked the fascia on both sides drilled a hole for the insertion of a jigsaw blade. I then cut the section of benchwork out. Once this was removed I had to fabricate a piece of plywood to insert in between the benchwork as the river bed base. When this was at the right level I nailed it in position with a nail gun.

Photo 1:
Shows the marked out fascia section 

Photo 2:
I've cut out the benchwork

Photo 3:
I'm test fitting the height of the riverbed to get the right height for the bridge foundations

Photo 4:
final bridge alignment

A CP intermodal heading west across the Walla Walla river  bridge.