Saturday, 24 May 2014

Scenery work in Cheney

Over the last two Saturdays I've commenced installing scenery in the town of Cheney. This is a project I've been wanting to do for some time but as we all know finding time can sometimes not be as easy as we like.

Cheney is the first town south of Spokane and has some industries, a small yard and plenty of switching opportunities.

On my version of Cheney I've attempted to model the ADM grain facility as per the prototype. To add more industrial switching I've installed a limestone crushing plant and a brewery. The Brewery is named after my good mate James (Jim) Younkins. The photos shows the Cheney area at 8am this morning through too 7pm tonight. 

Looking Nth. All the industries have been removed

Looking Sth

First building mockup after cutting some 3mm MDF for the foundation

Mockup and backdrop patching

Centerline on Road has been done.

Foundations have been painted concrete (Shale Grey) grooved and weathered. Here they are weighed down whist glue is drying

Whilst all the glue was drying, i took the opportunity to install some road crossing gates. these will be wred into the detection system and operate automatically. 

Both crossing gates are installed

Foundations down and buildings have been installed

A gondola has just delivered a load of Hopps to the hopp loading and treating facility

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