Monday, 9 February 2015

Projects update 9/2/15

This has a been a week of Projects. 

Today I refurbished the old Yardley Yard West control panel with a new stencil (Track Plan) that is accurate to the exiting trackwork. This required removing the switch's, then the old stencil which was a tedious job. Then I cleaned up the control panel and filled the original switch holes with filler. Once dry I sanded the surface smooth, painted the control panel Matt Black and set out to dry. Whilst the control panel was drying I went to the local Office Works and had them print off the new track plan which I had drawn in excel. With this in hand I went back home and commenced the process of  rebuilding the panel: 

The following photos show the process. 

The below photo shows the control panel after it was painted black. It is drying in the full sun.

This photo is a of the control panel track plan, which is printed on A3 sheet. I've cut a majority of the excess white sheet off in this photo

In this photo the A3 sheet has been glued to the control panel. The round green dots are the DPDT switch locations for drilling

The panel has been drilled and switch's installed!!!

Ok the panel is now ready for installation on the layout

A couple of shots of the finished product. Re installed and rewired to the layout

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  1. Duncan
    Nothing like a deadline to get the juices flowing. Looks good.