Monday, 10 November 2014

OPs session 8th Nov 2014

On Saturday 8th November 2014 I hosted my regular Operations session. I say regular in lieu of monthly as sometimes due to events out of my control we have to wait an extended period before I can hold an ops session. The Oct ops session was cancelled as I was OS visiting my good friends in the USA

Saturdays ops session began at 2pm. As it turned out it was a fairly layback session and proceedings never really commenced until about 2:30pm. There were 8 participants in all and I think everybody had a great time. The session was wrapped up with a sausage sizzle and drinks around 6:30pm. 

As we are now heading into summer I will reflect upon an appropriate commencement time for the OPs. I think that it may be far to warm for sessions to be held in the afternoon and therefore we will revert to the late afternoon and night sessions for a few months. 

Below are some snapshots of the ops session. 
Trev 2 and Mathew are all attentive and focused on switching tasks in Wallula

Trevor is studying the switch lists. This helps him determine the moves he needs to make 

The west bound BNSF Manifest is ready to depart Wallula

Laurie and Stephen hamming it up!!!!

Stephen has switched the industries in Lakes Road and cleared the main just in time for a BNSF intermodal to makes its way eastbound

Stephen focus's his attention to the switching he needs to perform whilst Laurie guides a BNSF manifest past Empire Avenue and into staging

All focused

A westbound UP manifest train entering the single track between Wallula and Boardman

UP Manifest crossing Walla Walla Creek

UP Manifest drifting down grade near spiral

Still lots of switching to do at Wallula

Spiral!  Who would have guessed

Trev2 is playing brakeman and uncoupling cars in Boardman

West staging

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