Sunday, 7 December 2014

Layout Update - Spokane works

 I finally managed to get out from under the layout and have commenced doing scenery, and some remedial track work to enhance the operations. For the last 3 weeks I've been working on the Spokane area of my layout.

The following list of works have been commenced, some completed but I still have a fair way to go. 
  • Relocate the engine service facility to the eastern end of Yardley Yard
  • Shorten 2 x interchange tracks to add an industrial spur track....The yard tracks never got filled during ops sessions so I thought it made more sense to add another industry
  • Relocated Eagle Intermodal yard from Trent Avenue to where the engine service facility was located at western end of Yardley Yard. This will add for enhanced operations
  • Changed the track work on Mission avenue to allow for individual industrial spur track feed. This required adding 2 x turnouts to allow for logical industry switching which will make life easier for the operators and be more prototypical
  • Finally settled on the industries in the Thierman Road switching district and the industries to be placed along the Mission avenue area
  • Commenced ballasting the track in the Spokane area..approx 40% complete at the writing of this blog
  • Additional rail feed droppers installed
  • Removal of the old car card holding boxes as they are no longer required . I am fully into using the JMRI operations paperwork 
  • Painting the Spokane backdrop 
The following photos should bring you up to speed with all the activities and the current status. 

Further it would be remiss of me if I did not acknowledge the help that I have had from Stephen Ord, Jim Younkins and Frank Kenny. 

Stephen has been coming around here at least once a week for the last few month. His contribution to the current progress of the layout has been significant and I thank him immensely. 

Jim and Frank (Both in the USA) are inspirational with great advice. I often bounce my ideas of these guys. They soon straighten me out!!!!!!  

Here are some photos taken today of the works in progress:

Yardley yard before the backdrop painting commences

I've placed a wood cover over the track work to protect it from paint!!!! Please note this is important if you are about to do the same. Also note that i've sketched lines for the distant and foreground hills

Here I've taped off the top of the backdrop. This is done to give a nice straight edge to the top of the backdrop

I've placed all my painting equipment on the protector board, A 2 Meter section of sky blue has been completed and Im now ready to commence the artistic stuff.!!

OK, About an Hr later I've done the 2 meter section, and put buildings etc all back where they should be.

Another 2 hrs down the track I've roughed in the backdrop at the Western end of Yardley.  This was hard work as I had to lean in some way to reach the backdrop in this area.... I still have some final finishing to do but the backdrop is about 80% complete in this area.

Here you are looking at the Intermodal yard and the eastbound interchange tracks in the background area. The bridge is the Havana St bridge across the throat of Yardley yard at the Western end. The building to the left in the foreground, when completed will be; Ashgrove Cement  

Exxon Oil, and Cargill Grain, in the foreground

Now you are looking East along Yardley yard

I'm standing on Mission Avenue looking across the East end of Yardley Yard

American recycle in the foreground and the newly done engine service facility in the background

Looking East. the bridge is N Farcher St

I've ventured into the Exxon Oil farm and taken a snap of the yard looking East!

Ok well I need too get back and do more work now so that's the update for today. Hope you enjoyed. 

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  1. Fantastic progress Duncan. I am enjoying the blog and keeping up with your activity.