Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Layout projects to date

Hi all, well its time again to update you on progress on the UPBNSF Joint Division. Over the last few weeks I have been focused on scenery and more scenery. Thus far I've managed to Ballast 80% of Yardley yard, Scenic and build the industries for Thierman Rd Industrial district, Mission Avenue industries and trackage, scenic Bevvers Forest, Hangman Creek and fabricate and kitbash a few buildings to complement the operations of the layout and scenery. 

Iv'e also found some time to commence building a conveyor system on the  Hopper Junction Power plant.

With the N Scale convention here in Brisbane only 2 months away I'm fast running out of time to do much more work. It has been great to have a couple of helpers recently with Steve Ord and Trevor Phillips (Trev 2) providing working bee assistance. Thanks guys your efforts have been very much appreciated!!!!!

Over the next few nights I will update you on several areas on the layout with some posts and photos. This will give those who won't be at the convention an overview of various parts of the layout. The rest of this blog will focus on Bevvers forest.

The following photos depict the development of Bevvers Forest from Base scenery to Low detailed completion.

The first photo is an overhead view of the west end of Spokane and Bevvers forest commences on the L/H side where the three tracks converge into the single mainline. 


Photo 2 shows the first tree planting. The comments I received from some of my mentors were that the trees looked great but what about the TRUNKS!

So back to the design board I went and i developed a larger trunk as can be seen in the below photo

I then proceeded to plant out the rear ridge


Looking from the end the trees forest is growing
Here we see Bevvers Forest on the Eastern side t of Hangman creek. Hangman creek disappears into the backdrop on the left

The completed scene of Bevver forest and Hangman Creek. The lower line is  branch line to a Coal loading facility in the local area. 

I wanted to depict the feeling that you are in a Pine / Fir forest. The mainline weaves its way along the hills. This is very similar to the mainline that departs Spokane Westbound through Cheney. I intentionally limited the mix of trees in this area to about 95% Firs. I like the feel that it gives. As I proceed around the next major bend in the layout I will commence mixing tree type to a 60% Fir, 20% Spruce and 20% Deciduous type trees.

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  1. Looking good Duncan.
    I like the Carlsberg brewery scene.