Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Progress in Yardley Yard Spokane

Thought it was time to give another update on progress on the UPBNSF Joint Line. I've been making steady progress with scenery and ballasting of the trackwork in the Spokane area. As much as I dislike ballasting track, the one thing you can say is that you can see progress as you go....and practice makes perfect!!!!!

The photos show various parts of Yardley yard from the West end through to the East end. This section of the layout is 4.5 meters long and the mainline and Yard lead sweep around a 180 degree turn at the West end. Thierman Rd industrial area is located inside the mainline track curvature at this location. 

The first 5 photos show the progress from the last blog update at the western end. 

Three industries are located at Thierman Rd: King Beverage, Brenntag Chemicals and Boise Cascade Industrial Materials Supply (BCIMS). This industrial area will provide plenty of switching opportunity and variety during operations sessions 

Photo 6 / 7 is a helicopter view looking East. In the foreground are industries located along Mission Avenue which runs parallel to the tracks. These industries consist of; Cargill Grain, Exxon Oil and Fuel, Melcher Mfg, and American Recycling.

Adding the scenery to this area of the layout has also prompted some track changes. I'm excited and looking forward to the next Ops night to see how these changes will impact operations. Oh BTW, can you see any similarities between the photo above and below? 

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