Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017 Update

Wow how time goes by. I've just looked at my blog site and realised that I haven't done a blog for over twelve months.... A long time in hiatus I tell you.
Well I haven't really been in hiatus, I just haven't updated my blog, that's all.

Whats been happening in the last 12 months?

  • A 6 week trip to the USA, catching up with old friends and meeting and making new friends. 6 weeks of prototype and model railroading. 
  • Another mining project to manage, this time in Western New South Wales
  • Another year older and a couple more kilos around the waist line
  • Not any wiser
To write about all of the above items that have gone on in my life would take a significant amount of time. So best I just start from the current status and move forward.

Last weekend I attended my very first local chapter of the NMRA, meeting. I had a great time meeting some new people that share this wonderful hobby. I even gave a presentation on building Fast Track turnouts that was greeted quiet well by the group. More importantly i met some new people that I would like to have involved in my Model railroad social group. 

Lets get onto my Model railroading and Operations. I held an ops session on the 4th March. there were 15 people in attendance and it was a great night. Unfortunately i didn't take any photos during the session so I really don't have anything to post with regards to e to say i think everybody had a good time. 

To make up for the lack of photos from the ops night I've attached some current status layout photos! I was going to add a clip but I shot 12 min of footage today and its too big  a file for the blog site. I'll add it to my You tube site to which I haven't updated in about 4 years...maybe more.