Saturday, 1 March 2014

Impromptu Ops session

Last night Steven and Wayne dropped in. Steven did some work on the layout....Cleaning up some second hand Tortoise switch machine for use on the layout. When Wayne arrived the guys ran a couple of trains and did some switching for about 2.5 hrs.

Steve is switching the Walulla intermodal facility
Steve has turned his attention to Potlash Forest Products

Wayne is working the Yard in The Dalles
Wayne is busy breaking down a manifest freight that has just arrived in the Dalles

UPPOSP2002 is departing The Dalles after set outs and pick ups have been performed
Engineer Wayne Meier is performing a roll by inspection
UPPOSP2002 heading up the spiral

UPPOSP2002 arriving in Walulla

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  1. Hi Duncan,
    You've come a long way from the days of mining impossibillium and hauling it to the implementum processing plant.
    Send me your address so I can test some suppliers by sending you a gift or two.