Monday, 17 March 2014

A RR bridge across the Walla Walla River

Had some time this afternoon to do a little preliminary scenery work. The photos below show a small area that I wanted to insert a RR bridge across the Walla Walla River. I marked the fascia on both sides drilled a hole for the insertion of a jigsaw blade. I then cut the section of benchwork out. Once this was removed I had to fabricate a piece of plywood to insert in between the benchwork as the river bed base. When this was at the right level I nailed it in position with a nail gun.

Photo 1:
Shows the marked out fascia section 

Photo 2:
I've cut out the benchwork

Photo 3:
I'm test fitting the height of the riverbed to get the right height for the bridge foundations

Photo 4:
final bridge alignment

A CP intermodal heading west across the Walla Walla river  bridge.

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