Sunday, 16 March 2014

Milestone weekend

The weekend saw a milestone achieved on the UP/BNSF Joint Line. All the track laying for the phase 3 layout has been completed. 

Now I can get on with the tasks of electrical, electronics and scenery!!!!!
Here are some photos taken on the weekend:

BNSF Portland to Chicago intermodal has just arrived in the Walulla intermodal yard. It will perform some setouts and pick ups before departing Eastbound

The BNSF train has come to a halt. The intermodal switcher is switching the setout at the end of the train

Looking nth wards at Walulla on the top deck and Boardman on the bottom deck
The last spur is installed. It services Tri Fresh Perfection. A fruit supply warehouse in Ayre. this is currently represented by a photo and block of wood....Just until I have time to build the structure

Tailend Charlie