Saturday, 1 March 2014

Commencing Joso Trestle Scenery

 Today I commenced putting the scenery base down on the Joso trestle module. 

This module is the one that bridges the gap between the two layout rooms. I've removed the backdrop for now. The steps involved today were; Trim the fascia of the module level with the baseboard where the river level will be; Cut and shape the Styrofoam for both ends of the module; place some of the trestle legs in "rough" position to see how every thing looks.

There is still plenty to do on this module to get it to a completed scenic base...before I can put on the final scenery materials. Perhaps next weekend I will get a bit more done!
Bare module with Backdrop removed
The Southern scenery styrofoam block in place

Testing the trestle leg position

South side of the Snake River 
Front on minus backdrop

North side of the Snake River scenery base installed

Testing the Joso trestle leg position

I use a hot wire for initial shaping 

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