Saturday, 22 March 2014

UP Coal empty passing through Boardman OR

I lucked it in today. I caught a UP Empty coal drag passing through Boardman Oregon. UPCE2012 is headed back to the Wyoming coal fields. It has just left the Boardman coal plant via a branch line. 

On the head end were two UP and one CP 44-9's. They look like they have done some hard work in recent times!!!

With camera in hand I decided to follow the train for a bit and get some snaps!

UPCE2012, hits the main in Boardman OR. Here it is passing the Boardman yard which has a UP switcher, switching freight cars for the local industries.

I've managed to climb a foot bridge and get this shot of the head end. There is a BNSF reefer train being loaded with cold food products for Distribution to the east coast
What a great vantage point. I managed to get this snap of UPCE2012 as it builds track speed

And one more before it exits Boardman!!!

I decided to follow the train for about 100kms. Catching some shots of it passing through Wallula OR, as it starts heading nth (RR East) via the Old Washey Line to Spokane.

The UP CE2012 has just gone under US route 12 overpass on the outskirts of Walulla

These bad boys are working hard!

UPCE2012 is on the main passing Wallula Yard in the foreground and the Interstate intermodal facility in the back ground. An intermodal westbound has jusr arrived at the intermodal yard and will be switched out over the next hour.

 Ok, Its time to head back from my dream world. 

I was having a bit of fun with the camera today. Trying to get my skills honed. Still a lot of work to do!!

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